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The Glasgow School of Art Singapore (GSA Singapore)

Since September 2012, The Glasgow School of Art Singapore has delivered years 3 and 4 of its Bachelor of Art (Hons) Programmes in Communication Design and Interior Design in Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). The programmes enable Diploma students from one of Singapore's Polytechnics to progress from a Diploma to a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree.


Students studying in Singapore benefit from not only the same programme of study and award as in the home institution, and resources and equipment according to GSA specifications, but also access to the additional specialist resources, equipment and workshops of TP.


Every student studying in Singapore will also have the opportunity to spend 4 weeks in Scotland at the GSA, working directly with their counterparts in the same programmes based in Glasgow. This extra credit-bearing component will provide a chance to see the graduation exhibition, experience the history of Glasgow and the GSA, of the local cultural and industrial context, and location-specific projects drawing on all of these.