CD's One-Room Studio Apartment

CD's One-Room Studio Apartment

Goh Reika



You could say all sixty-seven of us live in a one-room studio apartment. It’s snug but we make do, and honestly we’re pretty comfortable around here. We’ve got a mini fridge at the far end of the studio, flip flops tucked between table legs, cabinets all territorially marked with names—can’t forget the chili packets from late-night McDonald’s runs and of course, a couple of cushions and jackets strewn around to keep us company. We travel around this open space on our office chairs and most times, you’ll find us scooting around to strike up conversations, borrow stationeries, and of course wheeling about cussing and wailing out of frustration. You can probably tell at this point that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we aren’t the sort to parade around. Within the past two years, we’ve had to settle in quickly and the journey has been nothing short of transformative.




I can’t speak for every student in the Communication Design batch of 2019, although I think we can all agree that GSA Singapore has helped establish an inquirer in each one of us. The creative freedom we are given in this school pushes us to step into the unknown and plunge into the depths of uncertainty. Scary, yes, but definitely an essential part of the process to find our footing. It is a luxurious safe space every creative would love to have. The trip to Glasgow was pivotal in extending this freedom, allowing us to play with ideas and materials we never would have imagined.




GSA Singapore cultivates thinkers, we don’t follow blindly. We are built to question the system, question briefs, and if we have to, defy our mediums. We are encouraged to research, critique, experiment and form our own arguments on matters even beyond the design realm. After all, design is an interdisciplinary subject.



Our lecturers, both in studio and history and theory modules guide us, but they don’t hand-hold. And in every way they can, they support and challenge us at the same time. They drop us links, lend us their prized books, share their own philosophies and interests. This culture, beyond the education system enables us to do the same and is reflected in the way we address topics in a different light.


So while we’re at it rattling our brains or flipping through books, you’ll find that the Communication Design 2019 batch is a plethora of humorous and introspective individuals.





Join us in reaping the fruits of our labour at the degree show, brought to you from our snug one-room studio apartment.