Paul Hume

Lecturer, Communication Design


A Conceptual Process

The design education process at GSA Singapore equips students with a range of skills that far transcends that which the professional field requires from a junior. GSA introduces students to alternative ways of thinking which enable them to pursue professional practices in a versatile and reflective fashion. In the course of their studies, our students develop high levels of technical skills, both digital and analogue, which are paired with conceptual capacities. At GSA, students learn to trust conceptual processes which, sometimes quite unpredictably, lead to new discoveries, new knowledge and new ideas. Such ideas are found beyond the students’ individual horizons, in the new world of curiosity and discovery. Some might call this inspiration: we see it as an interrogation of the project challenges and of the open-minded investigation of the issues that surround them.

This strive for creativity is underpinned by our studio-based culture which encourages collaboration, discussion and risk-taking. Experimentation is key and an experiment, by its nature, doesn’t predict the outcome. This is why we perceive development processes to be as important as the finished work. Students discover that trial and error often open the doors to success.

The benefits and opportunities of our art school education are becoming apparent as GSA’s Communication Design graduates make their presence felt within Singapore’s creative community; establishing their own businesses or integrating into the country’s many international and regional design studios and advertising agencies. Awards recognition has not been slow in coming either, with a Cannes Gold Lion, D&AD and AdFest successes ranked among the achievements of the past few years; evidence that the GSA process positions students for a successful future.