Interior Design 2019

Nadia Wagner

Lecturer, Interior Design

Welcome to the presentation of the 2019 graduating cohort in Interior Design. Over the past two years, students have tried to stretch themselves beyond common assumptions of what interior design is, and here you will see the outcomes of experiments that try to push beyond conventional boundaries.

As an art school situated within an academic institution, we are interested in experimentation and process-driven research and thinking. We respect individual aesthetic sensibilities and enjoy enlightening discussions on taste and trend.

A number of common themes have developed in these works, representing prominent issues faced by interior design practice today. Among these are the role of materiality in shaping moods and atmosphere, the construction of intimacy and belonging in increasingly blurred public and private situations, the necessity of adaptive reuse in our dense urban environments, the imagery of nostalgia and cultural heritage, social sustainability, utopian visions and their effects on our collective ambitions, and the interior as a stage for the performativity of habitation.

A deeper understanding of such topics is generated in the essay writing that happens alongside studio work in the Design History and Theory programme. Here students are encouraged to expand their field, gaining a deeper understanding of topics such as design history in Asia, the material culture of religious practices, and ways of reading our built environment.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the work and would like to extend congratulations to all graduating students.